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When you pre-order with chikimiki, you are pledging to purchase merchandise that is yet-to-arrive. In this way, you are securing yourself a desirable item in advance. Pre-order items are shipped soon after they arrive at the chikimiki studio in New York. An item’s estimated delivery date is determined solely by the chikimiki and their production schedule. (This date is indicated in each item’s product page.) Due to varying delivery dates, each item must be purchased separately, so as to allow for immediate shipment upon the individual item's arrival. Please note that pre-orders are shipped on a first-come, first-served basis; chikimiki will ship items to customers in the order in which they were initially placed.

You will be charged in full at checkout. Once the item is processed to ship, you will be charged any applicable shipping fees and taxes. chikimiki requires that you provide all necessary credit card information and authorization at the time merchandise is pre-ordered.

With international pre-orders, your package is subject to assessment of duties and taxes imposed by your country's government. This amount will be billed to you by our international courier, UPS. chikimiki is not responsible for payment of these duties and/or taxes.

Pre-orderable merchandise does not have guaranteed pricing. Because designers may change costs, we reserve the right to necessarily adjust our prices at any time as needed. If a price increase is required, we will notify you immediately. If you decide to cancel based upon an adjusted price, you are still subject to our Cancellation Policy.



Cancellation of Pre-Order by the Customer
Should you choose to cancel your pre-order at any point in the process, there will be a non-negotiable 30% re-stocking fee. Because chikimiki commits to purchasing all pre-ordered items from the manufacturer, we cannot cancel the order.

Cancellation of Pre-Order by chikimiki
chikimiki is committed to exhausting all efforts to fulfill your pre-order. However, delays, price differences, and cancellations may and do occur for reasons beyond our control. Therefore, we reserve the right to cancel any orders for any reason at any time. If such an instance occurs, we will immediately notify you by telephone or e-mail; however, we are not obligated to obtain permission or acknowledgement prior to cancellation.



One-of-a-kind items are unique items that are not being produced, there is only one of each item. Sizes are as-is. Once sold, the item cannot be re-stocked, so you better snatch them while you can! These are truly special pieces that no one else will have.